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With the rise of exclusive residential developments in the last few years, inclusion of more appealing features that satisfy the needs of potential and actual buyers continues to become the norm today. These features range from piped gas, Jacuzzis to escalators and high-speed lifts.


Recent research has indicated that Kenya’s upper middle class is now driving the economy. In general, this Western influenced class drives the sleekest cars, sports the latest designer apparel. Not to be left behind are the new weds, who are now relying heavily on domestic workers to take care of their young ones, as they pursue evening classes or work overtime to improve and maintain their lifestyles. Newly constructed houses, especially apartments should incorporate the idea of a day care centre. These centres will meet the needs of the upper middle class.
Sophisticated as they may seem, their growing children need an environment that is conducive and secure. Following the thoughts of Jean Piaget on child development, ‘children construct an understanding of the world around them, and then experience discrepancies between what they already know and what they discover in their environment.’ Largely speaking, the underlying principle here is that the environment in which the child is growing in, will definitely determine his future personality. These day care centres should employ the services of professional matrons who are able to attend to children’s needs in the absence of their parents.


This in turn assists their busy parents get more productive in their work, as their minds are focused on the immediate task without the burden of full time care of their children. A major advantage of these centres is children learn in as homely an environment as possible. They are near their places of residences, which also make it easy for the child to access school without having to rise too early. It is also easier to offer security as the learning environment falls within the confines of the child’s residential space. In gated communities, access is limited to known residents, or strangers, who only gain admission after producing proper identification, a basic of security checks.


This creates peace of mind for parents, as cases of kidnapping are among the dangers that are instantly minimized. Teachers can also offer personalized attention to their wards, as enrollment numbers are small. An example of this is New South Wales, Australia, where the law does not permit student numbers exceeding 40.

Other factors as learning in a tranquil environment devoid of external noise are easy to offer in this setup. Setting up of children gardens, from where the concept of kindergarten hails, is easier, providing the optimal environment for the young ones to thrive. More playtime is also possible, as the school environment is merely a continuation of the child’s play time at home.


Statistics from America show that approximately 3 percent of the school-age population was homeschooled in the 2011–12 school years. Among homeschooled children, a higher percentage was White (68 percent) then Black (8 percent), Hispanic (15 percent), and Asian or Pacific Islander (4 percent).


Mortgages in Kenya fall under two types:

Nyari House

Nyari House

The borrower owes a percentage of the loan as interest. This amount never changes and remains constant over the life of the loan.

In this type of loan, changes in the credit market are reflected in the repayment rates. Equal repayments are made on a reducing balance. Part of the interest rate risk is transferred from the lender to the borrower. Variable rate mortgages are widely used where fixed rate funding is difficult to obtain or prohibitively expensive.
There are several factors that broadly define the characteristics of mortgages in Kenya and elsewhere globally. These may include;

Kentmere Valley

Kentmere Valley

This is what banks gain from the loan from the repayments made. Interest may be fixed over the life of the loan or it may be variable, changing at certain predetermined periods. It may rise or it may fall, depending on existing market conditions.

Some lenders will limit or restrict prepayment of part or the entire loan. If the borrower decides to prepay, then he may also pay a penalty to the lender for the prepayment.|

In some cases, lenders may offer the borrower an option to increase or decrease the amount paid, without incurring penalties. The amount paid per period is variable.

This refers to the time period the loan is lent out for. The borrower may be required to pay the entire amount after that lapsed time period. He may also be required to pay a certain amount at the end of some predetermined period.

Mortgage Finance Institutions

Housing Finance, Standard Chartered Bank, Jamii Bora, Kenya Commercial Bank, Family Bank, Barclays Bank and Many more other institution offer the service


Nairobi’s Kileleshwa estate will soon have the most expensive apartments in Kenya.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (Avic) has been given the green light to construct four-bedroom luxury apartments that will each cost Sh88 million.

Within the same development, Avic will also construct two- and three-bedroom units each going for Sh27 million and Sh38 million respectively. The total cost of the housing project is Sh4 billion.AVIC PIC

The residential development will have a total of 110 apartments following licensing by the National Environment Management Authority (Nema).

“This project is for the construction of a block of apartments with three basement floors and 11 typical upper floors having a total of 110 apartment units, associated amenities and facilities and amenities,” said the licence by Nema.

The residential development, which will be called Avic Park, is expected to be completed within 24 months.

Villa Care, the selling agents, says that Avic is putting up the high-end apartments as a market response to demand for luxury apartments which has been influenced by expatriates of multinationals that are choosing to set up their regional or Africa offices in Nairobi.

“This is the most expensive and largest for the whole market. The developers Avic are known for large projects and high quality finishes,” said Villa Care managing director Daniel Ojijo.

The apartments are intended to beat the records of other luxury apartments in a city that has seen many property developments in the recent years.

“Due to the recent increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) and the entry of multinationals into various sectors of the East African economy, there is a clear need for both high quality residential and commercial real estate in the region’s capital, Nairobi,” said Villa Care in a statement.

Swimming pools, basement parking and gyms are other facilities that will be included at Avic Park.


For State-owned Avic, the Kileleshwa-based Sh4 billion project will be the smallest publicly announced investment in its property portfolio.

In July, Avic announced that it was investing Sh20 billion to construct a 43-storey office block, apartment blocks, and a five-star hotel on a 7.5 acre plot in Westlands, Nairobi.




We are pleased to announce its premier development of elegant 4 bedroom apartments and penthouses located on Githunguri Road in the Kileleshwa suburb of Nairobi.

The apartments, dubbed “The Preferred Address” built in the fast growing urban locality, overlook the scenic Arboretum Forest and offer a tranquil and serene living environment for the discerning home owner who would like a home in close proximity to the Central Business District while still enjoying the luxuries of a sophisticated apartment in the city.

With the demand for decent housing on the rise by the day, and the Kenyan economy being majorly driven by the upper middle class, the need for affordable housing that meets the needs of the family, exceeds standards and appeals to the well versed Kenyan is of great appeal.

Kentmere Valley Apartments are designed with precise attention to luxury and space. Highlighting strong architectural elements, the apartments are an ideal showcase of design at its utmost element with warm accents across the rooms. The apartments are designed with a coastal feel with the balconies overlooking beautiful lawns, built to encourage relaxation and comfort.

With convenient proximity to schools, shopping centers, hospitals and other social amenities, Kentmere Valley Apartments offer unrivaled spacious and modern 4 bedroom apartments and penthouses with 4 bathrooms with large airy kitchens with utility area. Each house offers a spacious lounge and balcony with an uninterrupted view of State House Gardens and the Arboretum. The houses encompass a spacious master bedroom with an inbuilt walk in closet.

Finishes incorporate ceramic tiles and granite worktops in the kitchen.

The apartments are Kshs. 30 Million and penthouses are being sold at a cost of Kshs. 45 Million.

From Kentmere, one can easily access superb recreational facilities and other social amenities in the Westlands area like The Sarit Center, Nakumatt Ukay, Uchumi Super Market, Naivas Supermarket, Agakhan Hospital westlands, The Royal Orchird Hotel, the KFC Westkands, numerous banks, Schools like Agakhan nursery school, Westlands primary school, Visa Oshwal Primary school, Consolata School , Premier Academy and much more.

Extras include: borehole, swimming pool, ample parking, and perimeter wall with electric fence, CCTV, and generator for common areas.

Villa Care will be hosting an exclusive event at Kentmere Valley from 11th – 13th September, 2015 on Kileleshwa, along Githunguri Road.

Kentmere Apartments Killeshwa

The Preferred Address

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