Nairobi’s skyline has evolved and now more than ever, there are new concepts evolving by the day that show creativity and bring out the changing trends in real estate developments. As property developers scour the Nairobi suburbs in search of areas to put up housing, there is a new clique of developers that are targeting the commercial arena and are going all out to showcase unique and show-stopping designs.

One such concept is Valley View Business Park – Located in the upmarket suburb of Parklands and nestled by residential homes overlooking the City Park – a major hallmark of Kenya’s tourism landscape, this new development is built to cater to the needs of the fast rising economic landscape. FINAL4

Valley View Business Park is the only commercial property in Nairobi that boasts’ of “two revolving towers” – yes – hard to imagine. Up till last year, the only building that had a revolving tower was the Kenyatta International Conference Centre – now here comes a new concept in real estate, where a private developer has built a business centre that has 2 revolving towers.

Construction of Valley View Business Park commenced in 2012 and is now ready for occupation. This project has had the fastest turn-around time in terms of construction. This development comprises an 11-storey twin tower with two revolving restaurants nestled in the serene suburb of Parklands, along Limuru Road, right behind Caltex Plaza, a perfect location for a quick drive to work.

The second tower is eight stories high. It is bordered by the Mathare River and the lush Muthaiga estate on one side, the proposed M15A highway and City Park Nature Reserve. The facilities provide 600,000 square feet of prime office space with magnificent views of the leafy Muthaiga and the greenery of City Park Forest. It features three levels of basement parking with a capacity of 600 cars. Built with the highest environmental standards in mind, the green surrounding of the development creates a calm aura, excudes luxury and offers a perfect business environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle.Valley View

One can only imagine setting up an office or restaurant in one of the towers – get to enjoy the magnificent view of the Nairobi skyline as you perform your day to day business. A restaurant or hotel can set base here and appeal to the businesses housed at Valley View Business Park.

Owing to its’ unique design and architectural concept, the ultra-modern Valley View Business Park, the complex has various architectural features that are designed to offer a calm and serene working environment – not to mention the location.

Design architecture in the real estate market is delving into the future of real estate developments in Africa. As more and more investors and international look to Kenya, as the investment destination of Africa, it has become imperative that real estate developers and marketers think out of the box to appeal to the growing number of discerning and established businesses and brands.

The business park that is being solely marketed and sold by Villa Care Ltd, is designed to appeal to the person that is not looking at home investment opportunities. This person is actively and aggressively penetrating the commercial investment areas and has gradually changed the face of Nairobi. While investing billions of shillings into the thriving and most promising Kenyan economy, this investor is responsible for the continuously changing Nairobi skyline.

Change is already sweeping through the Nairobi suburbs namely Parklands, Westlands, UpperHill, Adams Arcade, Hurlingham and Mombasa Road. These areas are now home to the newest and most conventionally designed world class hotels

It is not hidden that internationally renowned developers and architects have set their sights on Nairobi as the regions commercial investment hub. For most people coming from the West, Central and Southern African regions of Africa, when exiting or entering the continent, Nairobi is the central convergence zone. Africa has fast positioned itself as the next frontier and, Nairobi is set to lead the way. Going by the new architectural standards, building design in Nairobi is at its peak and no investor wants to be left behind.Night2

If you would like more information regarding Valley View Business park, kindly get in touch with:

Moses Owuor, Commercial Manager, Villa Care Ltd

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Kenya Homes Expo to offer free exhibition ticket to SMEs

Nairobi, 7th April 2015: In a move to empower start-ups within the housing sector, Kenya Homes Expo has today announced plans to reward the best-selling entrepreneurs at the exhibition. The organizers plan to offer a free exhibition ticket to any start-up that emerges top-seller during any of the expo event.

Speaking during an exhibitor’s breakfast held today at KICC, Kenya Homes Expo co-founder Mr. Daniel Ojijo observed that the homes show has become a major stepping stone for start-ups in the housing sector hence the current move to recognize them.

“Our aim is to show small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) currently grappling with the high cost of marketing that there exist inexpensive promotion tools they can exploit,” said Mr. Daniel Ojijo.

He, further added, “Starting with the incoming 21st edition of Kenya Homes Expo, any start-up that makes the highest sales by customer numbers, will receive a free stand in the following edition.”

Currently, SMEs account for 50percent of all the exhibitors that takes place at Kenya Homes Expo –that is held in April and October every year.

“It estimated that 75percent of new businesses fail within their first three years and this is why we are supporting start-ups within the industry to avoid being part of the statistics. The growth of such SMEs is as essential for the long term growth of this sector as it is for our economy,” said Mr. Daniel Ojijo who is also the CEO Homes Universal Ltd.

Over 100 SMEs are expected to take part in the 21st Kenya Homes Expo slated to start on Thursday 16th and end on Sunday, 19th April 2015, according to Ojijo.

“We have achieved in excess of 50,000 visitors per edition and we believe that this relevant crowd is a good bet for small businesses wishing to introduce themselves to potential buyers of their products and services,” added Mr. Ojijo.

Nancy Gwaro, the CEO of Miale Furniture Limited, is one of the exhibitors who lauded the move by Kenya Homes Expo to support upcoming entrepreneurs saying that the show provides an excellent platform for entrepreneur who would like to introduce themselves into the market.

“I got my first client at the expo two years ago. I also obtained numerous sales leads and recommendation and that why I know others too stand to gain from the plan,” said Ms. Gwaro.

Since its humble start in 2005 with 40 exhibitors, Kenya Homes Expo has grown tremendously with over 200 exhibitors taking place in each edition of the four days event.

“The increased traffic from both exhibitors and visitors has seen the expo take up two halls (Tsavo and Aberdare Lenana) comprising of two floors and the courtyard here at the biggest conference and exhibition Centre in East and Central Africa,” Ojijo said.

East Africa Portland Cement Company is the diamond sponsor of the 21st edition while the Chinese firm, Boleyn Magic Wall Panel Limited, Sadolin East Africa and Tononoka Steels limited are the Gold sponsors.

The expo is endorsed by Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and is organized by Homes Kenya magazine.

“Our theme for the 21st Kenya Homes Expo is ‘Ignite your Creativity’ depicting the innovative ideas and concepts that will be showcased at the expo, giving the visitors solutions they never thought were available,” said Mr.Ojijo.

Visitors to the event are charged Sh150.


Housing sector

A chinese firm already to opened a Sh3billion precast concrete factory in Kitengela, a technology that promises to cut the cost of building a house by 20 percent.

The precast concrete building solutions will help reduce the cost of homes by 20 percent upwards depending on the size and location and also offer  solution to Sh1.4billion lost annually through collapsed buildings.

This is in refence to the communication below.

Nairobi, March 2015: A Chinese firm based in Nairobi, Boleyn Magic Wall Panel Limited (BMWP), has today announced its readiness to introduce precast concrete building solutions in the country after the completion of its Sh3billion modern precast housing factory in Kitengela along Namanga Road.

The factory with a production capacity of 20, 000 units of houses annually will start selling its products from May 2015 and provides part of the technology the ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development has approved to help bridge the current gap in the supply and demand of housing. The precast technology is also expected to reduce the cost of homes by 20 percent and above will as well provide homes for low and middle income segment of the housing market.

Speaking during the signing of a sponsorship agreement for the incoming 21st Kenya Homes Expo, BMWP Managing Director, Mr. Jack Liu said the precast concrete building solution is not only a precursor for lowering the cost of homes but also a step in the right direction in taming substandard construction that lead to occasional collapsing of buildings in the country.

“Our factory will manufacture products like wall panels, half slab, hollow core slab for flooring and roofing, columns, pressurised beams, road barriers, railway sleepers, highway and bridge double T beams and staircases,” said Liu adding on that since precast concrete is manufactured in a controlled casting environment it is easier to control the mix, placement, and curing hence the quality of the construction can be controlled and monitored much more easily than in site cast concrete.

“Since a precaster can buy materials for multiple projects, quantity discounts can lower costs hence the estimated reduction in cost of homes,” added Liu.

According to Daniel Ojijo, CEO Homes Universal Limited, the precast solutions reduce construction period and labour by up to 60 percent and overall capital investment by over 4 percent.

“This is a blessing for many developers who are grappling with the long time it takes to finish the construction of their projects as the precast slabs only require assembling at the site which can take 8 days to fully complete a two bedroom house,” said Ojijo.

The technology can be used to construct high rise apartments, standalone houses, large scale housing units like those needed for the police and army, schools, churches and others according to Mr.Ojijo.

BMWP will first showcase the precast concrete solutions to the public at the incoming edition of the Kenya Homes Expo slated for 16th to 19th of April 2015 at KICC.

“We are optimistic that many Kenyans will adopt this technology as it is affordable and as well create better quality products compared with cast-on-site concrete. Additionally, precast concrete is strong to resists impact, blasts and natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tornadoes and floods better than cast-on-site concrete,” said Mr.Liu.

Precast wall panels or floor/roofing slabs is a construction product produced by casting concrete on a steel pallet in workshop which is then cured in a controlled chamber, transported to the construction site and lifted into place for installation.

The precast building solution has been widely applied in Europe for the last 100 years and in the Middle East for over 30 years now and it’s said to be the current international construction trend likely to face out convention building systems.

According to Liu, if widely adopted, the precast walls will help Kenya reduce losses incurred through collapsed buildings estimated to be worth Sh1.4 billion a year.

BMWP has recruited and trained about 100 Kenyans to help run the Kitengela factory and will create employment for about 500 others before end of 2015.


Authored by Nathaniel Ndegwa

Published by John Baraka