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Why invest in Komarock heights

Komarock heights is a middle-class residential estate found in the East lands side of Nairobi. The area is made up several estates that have courts inside. Komarock is a gated community that offers security and convenience to anyone living there. All the necessary amenities are available within the estate such as schools, numerous pubs, clubs, […]

Why you should invest in Land in 2018

“Buy land because they’re not making anymore of it”. Fredrick Mtawali Land is a commodity that will always be on high demand but regardless of demand its is one commodity that more of it can not be made. This means the more the demand for land the higher the prices get. Below are reasons why […]

13 Myth about real estate in Kenya in 2018

1.Real estate agents are paid a salary Despite what many think, the public is horribly confused about how agents make a living. There must be a salary floating in the background that supports agents — after all, how is it that they can appear so well-groomed, professional and polished while hosting lavish broker events, open […]

Why You Should Rent A Fully Furnished Apartment In Kenya

Renting a home isn’t just a financial decision it’s a lifestyle choice. The option of renting a fully furnished is the right choice for some people. Below we have compiled reasons why its better to rent a fully furnished apartment as compared to buying your own or building. Minimal Commitments If you have a job […]

Buying vs Building which is better?

When the time comes to make a commitment on your housing future it boils down to two options buying or building. Building or buying is always a decision that gives many sleepless nights trying to decide which has more advantages or which option offers demerits that you are willing to live with. We have compiled […]

Why You Should Invest In Kitisuru, Nairobi, Kenya

Kitisuru is one of the fast-growing residential suburbs of Nairobi, the capital city and largest metropolitan area in Kenya. The area is rated as an upscale residential suburb just 10kms northwest of the CBD. If you are looking to live in a leafy suburb but close to most of the key amenities in Nairobi, then […]