Duma Group unveils ‘Instant’ mortar premix in 50kg packs

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Duma Group Limited, a Kilifi based mining firm, has launched an innovative 50kg sand and ballast premix pack.

The new, Duma Premix pack that will be available in local hardware and supermarket stores is a ready to use mixture of Duma Polyhedric ballast and Duma Quarry Sand mined by the firm at its Quarries in Jaribuni, Ganze constituency.

The ready to use packs targeted at the growing domestic consumer market have been formulated to provide a strong and solid concrete mix for small to medium construction projects. By simply mixing 5 Duma Premix packs to 1 bag of cement and 20 litres of water, consumers will instantly manage to prepare solid mortar minimising the risks of cracks and building collapse.

Speaking during the launch of Duma Premix and related products at a Nairobi hotel over the weekend Duma Group CEO NajaDahmani, said the new product has been, developed, to meet the growing consumer needs in the fast growing building and construction sector.

The product, she added has also been developed to promote environmental conservation by curbing use of yellow river as part of the Vision 2030 National development goals.

“Having registered an overall economic growth of 4.8% last year, compared to a growth of 4.3% in 2011, the Building and Construction sector has been steadily growing and in turn providing a ready market for innovative products such as Duma Premix,” Dahmani explained.

And added: “The new range of Duma products formulated with the Duma Polyhedric ballast made from premium quality crushed stone is evenly shaped, consistent in size and achieves a strong and durable concrete setting with 20% less cement.”

The use of Duma Quarry Sand in the formulation of Duma Premix eliminates the need for yellow river sand, effectively helping protect the environment and save costs. As a key building and construction input, yellow river sand routinely harvested along riverbeds contributes to rapid environmental degradation. To address such environmental challenges, Duma Group has invested heavily in a state of the art crushing plant that produces 0-6mm Duma Quarry sand consisting of small, crushed stones with exceptional purity.

Alongside Duma Premix, the firm has also launched the Duma Polyhedric Ballast and Duma Quarry Sand packed in 50kg Bags for the local market. Providing a close co-relation to the market demand for sand and ballast in the local market, available statics from the Kenya national bureau of statistics confirm that last, year, cement consumption rose by 1.7 per cent from 3,870.9 thousand tonnes in 2011 to 3,937.3 thousand tonnes.

Within the same period, the vibrancy of the building and construction market is confirmed by the level of loans and advances to the sector which grew by 36.2 per cent from KSh 50.8 billion in 2011, to KSh 69.2 billion in 2012.

Ranked as one of Kenya’s largest fixed stone mine operator, Duma group has invested in a modern stone crushing plant imported from Finland with a potential to produce premium quality crushed stones at a rate of 4,200 tonnes per day.

The firm’s flagship product remains the Duma Polyhedric that is a premium quality crushed stone evenly shaped and consistently sized ballast product, which is, excavated from the highest quality basalt ore in Kilifi County.

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