Super highway fuels development

Super H 2

The Ministry of Housing recently commissioned the Kenya National Housing Survey 2011/2012 to conduct the first survey in 30 years, in a bid to provide data that will give a better understanding of supply and demand in the property market, as well as provide solutions for the housing problem.

The property industry is arguably one of the most lucrative and fastest growing investments in the country, but it is also riddled with lack of proper, accurate data that can be used to make investment decisions. There is, therefore, need for a thorough survey that will put an end to speculation when it comes to investing in this industry.

The Kenya National Housing Survey 2011/2012 is being carried out by the Ministry of Housing with support from the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (Kippra), the Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA) and real estate consultancy Scion Real. According to Tirop Kosgey, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, the current information gap in the housing sector necessitated this move, with the last survey of a similar kind being carried out way back in 1983.

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