4 Crucial Factors You Must Consider Before Buying A Luxurious Home – Martha’s Success Story

Luxurious Home
Six years ago, Martha – a single mother of three decided to embark on a house hunting mission for a luxurious home.

Sadly, she had just lost her husband a year earlier. As the sole bread winner, the burden of taking care of her young children fell on her.

The rent, school fees, outstanding loans and other responsibilities were now becoming a burden. And with the rent being so far behind, Martha new that she had to give herself and her family the assurance of a good home.

Her late husband was in the process of securing a better home for his family. Martha knew she had to honor the memory of her husband by making his vision a reality.

Wisely, four years ago she had quit corporate Kenya to invest in a car rental and eatery business.

With time and a lot of financial discipline, she started saving enough to clear the outstanding rent arrears, pay the school fees and take care of other responsibilities.

One thing Martha new for sure is that she wanted to get a luxurious home within Nairobi for the sake of her kids.

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The home she wanted would have to be located in an area where the roads were good, plenty of amenities, a good school and close to her business located in Westlands.

One day while going through some real estate companies in Kenya, she stumbled on a house that completely changed her life.

Not only was the house located in a safe and secure neighborhood, it had everything she wanted and more!

There was a link road connecting straight to her businesses in Westlands and village market. Moreover, there were at least three very well performing schools her children could attend.

Fortunately, there was an open week and this would be the perfect opportunity for her to get a firsthand account of the property. She did not want to get a raw deal or worse be conned hence the need to see it for herself. More importantly, she wanted to know if she could secure a reasonable payment plan.

During the open week, Martha was able to get a good perspective of the home and need I say, she was NOT disappointed.

The 4 bedroom house was sufficient enough for her kids and herself. Since Martha loves whipping up a good meal, the kitchen was fitted with a pantry and breakfast area.

This meant she had plenty of room to cook meals with her kids and enjoy them either in the kitchen yard or the spacious dining hall.

What about the bedrooms? All master en-suite! Sleep time would definitely be something to look forward to.

Martha also wanted to enroll in a gym as she had put on some weight. However, there was no need to pursue this as her dream home had not only a gym but also a swimming pool area.

The backyard also had a barbeque area. This was perfect because her son had spent many Saturday afternoons preparing ‘nyama choma’ with his late father. What a perfect way to keep his memory alive!

With only two units remaining, Martha just new this home was destined to be hers.

After a week of consultation and paper work, the deal was sealed! Martha was now the proud owner of one of the palatial homes in the Kitusuru Terraces.

Martha admits that she had no regrets purchasing this home and is proud she was able to complete the work her husband had begun.

Looking back, her decision to buy this home was influenced by 4 critical factors.

She evaluated each of these before making a lifelong investment for herself and her family.

  1. Location is everything

If you are like Martha, one of the factors that should influence your decision is the location of the house.

When looking for property listings, ensure that the luxurious home you want is conveniently located close to your business/work.

This will help you beat the dreadful Nairobi city traffic and navigate seamlessly between work and home. Also consider if the location is ideal for your children in terms of their schools.

Just like Martha, make sure there is guaranteed 24-hour security in the area.

  1. Presence of Amenities

Buying a home isn’t just for you. It’s also for your family. You have to think about what schools your children will go to, the nearby hospitals you can visit, shopping centers, good roads etc.

Therefore, it’s not just about you wanting to live in the Kenya luxury real estate, you have to consider how easily you can access basic human needs.

If the property doesn’t meet these needs, don’t invest because you will regret the decision down the line.

  1. Reasonable Payment Plan

Before buying a luxury home always examine whether they have reasonable payment plans.

When working with a bank or any other financier, study the loan interest rates, period of repayment, monthly payments among other factors.

Look for a bank with the cheapest mortgage rates as well as penalties. Also get a bank that has a speedy application process and what additional costs you might incur such as legal and valuation fees.

  1. Size Matters

How big is your family? How many bedrooms will you need? Is the kitchen, living room and yard big enough?

These questions will help you influence your decision to purchase a home. Consider if the rooms are many and big enough to comfortably accommodate each family member.

Additionally, evaluate whether the size of the living room is spacious enough to fit your furniture. The kitchen also needs to have adequate space for food storage and meal preparation among other house features.

In summary…

Buying a luxurious home in upmarket Kenya is a very possible reality. And with information at the click of a button, it makes the process of buying ten times easier.

However, you must be as proactive as Martha and go beyond your computer or phone screen to the actual location.

Remember that seeing is believing. Ultimately, this will help you make the right decision in getting a good house.

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