Nairobi’s skyline has evolved and now more than ever, there are new concepts evolving by the day that show creativity and bring out the changing trends in real estate developments. As property developers scour the Nairobi suburbs in search of areas to put up housing, there is a new clique of developers that are targeting the commercial arena and are going all out to showcase unique and show-stopping designs.

One such concept is Valley View Business Park – Located in the upmarket suburb of Parklands and nestled by residential homes overlooking the City Park – a major hallmark of Kenya’s tourism landscape, this new development is built to cater to the needs of the fast rising economic landscape. FINAL4

Valley View Business Park is the only commercial property in Nairobi that boasts’ of “two revolving towers” – yes – hard to imagine. Up till last year, the only building that had a revolving tower was the Kenyatta International Conference Centre – now here comes a new concept in real estate, where a private developer has built a business centre that has 2 revolving towers.

Construction of Valley View Business Park commenced in 2012 and is now ready for occupation. This project has had the fastest turn-around time in terms of construction. This development comprises an 11-storey twin tower with two revolving restaurants nestled in the serene suburb of Parklands, along Limuru Road, right behind Caltex Plaza, a perfect location for a quick drive to work.

The second tower is eight stories high. It is bordered by the Mathare River and the lush Muthaiga estate on one side, the proposed M15A highway and City Park Nature Reserve. The facilities provide 600,000 square feet of prime office space with magnificent views of the leafy Muthaiga and the greenery of City Park Forest. It features three levels of basement parking with a capacity of 600 cars. Built with the highest environmental standards in mind, the green surrounding of the development creates a calm aura, excudes luxury and offers a perfect business environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle.Valley View

One can only imagine setting up an office or restaurant in one of the towers – get to enjoy the magnificent view of the Nairobi skyline as you perform your day to day business. A restaurant or hotel can set base here and appeal to the businesses housed at Valley View Business Park.

Owing to its’ unique design and architectural concept, the ultra-modern Valley View Business Park, the complex has various architectural features that are designed to offer a calm and serene working environment – not to mention the location.

Design architecture in the real estate market is delving into the future of real estate developments in Africa. As more and more investors and international look to Kenya, as the investment destination of Africa, it has become imperative that real estate developers and marketers think out of the box to appeal to the growing number of discerning and established businesses and brands.

The business park that is being solely marketed and sold by Villa Care Ltd, is designed to appeal to the person that is not looking at home investment opportunities. This person is actively and aggressively penetrating the commercial investment areas and has gradually changed the face of Nairobi. While investing billions of shillings into the thriving and most promising Kenyan economy, this investor is responsible for the continuously changing Nairobi skyline.

Change is already sweeping through the Nairobi suburbs namely Parklands, Westlands, UpperHill, Adams Arcade, Hurlingham and Mombasa Road. These areas are now home to the newest and most conventionally designed world class hotels

It is not hidden that internationally renowned developers and architects have set their sights on Nairobi as the regions commercial investment hub. For most people coming from the West, Central and Southern African regions of Africa, when exiting or entering the continent, Nairobi is the central convergence zone. Africa has fast positioned itself as the next frontier and, Nairobi is set to lead the way. Going by the new architectural standards, building design in Nairobi is at its peak and no investor wants to be left behind.Night2

If you would like more information regarding Valley View Business park, kindly get in touch with:

Moses Owuor, Commercial Manager, Villa Care Ltd

Email: moses@villacarekenya.com



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