Why You Should Rent A Fully Furnished Apartment In Kenya

Renting a home isn’t just a financial decision it’s a lifestyle choice. The option of renting a fully furnished is the right choice for some people. Below we have compiled reasons why its better to rent a fully furnished apartment as compared to buying your own or building.

Minimal Commitments

If you have a job that requires a lot of travel or you simply enjoy the freedom that comes with fewer possessions, having fewer strings and fewer logistics to take care of when moving is a huge weight off your shoulder. Furniture is very expensive, making many people very reluctant to simply sell them. Another issue with furniture is the headache of hiring a moving company, paying for storage, and worrying about damage.



If you are travelling with your family, a furnished apartment will be a more economical choice than staying in a hotel. You are able to have more room at a lower price than if you booked several rooms in a hotel. You can also control what you eat and because you set your own menu unlike having to stick to the hotel’s scheduled diet and meal times. On the plus, everyone enjoys a home-cooked meal.

Extra Comfort

If you are building your home, you would likely go without certain amenities, like appliances or large pieces of furniture. With furnished apartments, you do not have to wait for these larger and more costly pieces. Instead, you can concentrate on customizing the space to your own preferences by adding decorations, rearranging to fit your style.

Save on Furniture Cost

The money you save by not having to purchase new furniture is substantial. Premium beds, sofas, wall units and dining table will cost a pretty penny to buy yourself. With a furnished apartment, you get amazing quality furniture at no cost to you

No Need To Purchase Electronics

Furnished apartments come with washing machines, cookers, fridge and TV. Apartments like Bellcrest come with all the appliances that you would buy for your own house.

Gated Communities

Most of the furnished apartments are found in the affluent neighbourhoods close to all the social amenities you may need. They offer security and a great environment to live in or holiday at.

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