About Us

Company Overview

Villa Care Ltd is a real estate services firm focused on delivering high quality and customized services to individuals, the private sector and government clients in Kenya. The firm, duly incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486 in 1994, began operations with a team of only four members of staff but has now grown to over two hundred and the initial five clients have multiplied many times over.

Today, the company has made its presence strongly felt in the Kenyan property market and can with certainty declare itself a market leader. The firm offers a wide scope of real estate services, particularly specializing in real estate consultancy, management and sale of residential properties and a variety of commercial properties in Nairobi, Mombasa and East African region.

Villa Care Ltd has expertise in both rental property and property for sale in Kenya. In over two decades of its existence, Villa Care Has definitely impacted housing in Kenya in a big way. With one of the largest property listings by a property Agent in Kenya, Villa Care continues  to epitomize its mantra of caring, always.

Villa Care Ltd offers highly specialized and professional property management services in Kenya. This is on the backbone of decades of experience and the use of the state of the art technology. The use of a cloud based, internationally proven software solution allows real time access of tenants and landlords data. The professionalism and seamless property management of Villa Care Ltd are unmatched in the region.


Management Team


Villa Care is led by a diverse, seasoned management team, each possessing extensive experience with leading property development and real estate management firms in the country. Undoubtedly, our success in both the residential and commercial property markets in Kenya and particularly in Nairobi is drawn from our immensely rich personnel base whose vast experience and expertise in the real estate industry has been demonstrated very ably for the past 21 years.

The team consists of young, highly motivated and multidisciplinary graduates who are actively involved in consultancy, marketing, development, letting and management of both residential and commercial properties.

Our Services

Villa Care Limited offers a wide range of fully integrated real estate services for both commercial and residential properties to a diverse clientele.

Effective marketing tools and strategies, established through extensive research of the real estate market and customized to current market conditions are used to increase our broad database of buyers, sellers, land lords, tenants and investors. All our services are provided by a team of property specialists who have an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas they specialize in.

Villa Care Ltd mainly focuses in offering, Property management, Real Estate Consultancy and Property Marketing services


Our Robust Marketing Strategy

The dynamism of the Real Estate market needs continuous innovative strategies. Our creative marketing department is constantly developing novel, previously unexplored strategies to keep giving satisfactory results to our clients.

Our marketing strategies include:

Exhausting Our Entire Client Database
Over the years we have built a comprehensive list of serious clients, both local and international, who continually enquire for our property listings. We ensure all our clients are aware of our current listings.

We produce brochures for all projects and distribute them on site, at exhibitions and send to target groups. The brochures include a brief profile of the property and highlights of the salient features.


Open days
In collaboration with developers, we organize, publicize and hold open days individual project site to accelerate sales.

Client focus

We offer professional and personalized attention to all our clients through a dedicated team of focused portfolio managers. They ensure all our investors are kept updated on their properties through regular reports, market analysis and progress reports.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading real estate services company in Kenya and the East African region.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of real estate services and advice with diligence, expertise and utmost transparency.