Project Management

Our Project Management Services encompass the overall planning, control and coordination of a construction projects to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget and according to our clients requirements.

By breaking down the project into the following phases, distinct and specific objectives are met by the project manager, and identified in the ensuing sections:

  1. Feasibility/Design phase
  2. Tender phase
  3. Construction phase
  4. Post-Construction phase

To render the necessary project management services, it is necessary to ensure that the following project objectives are met:

  • The scope of the project is well defined and the clients’ interests are protected.
  • he overall construction will be completed in the shortest time frame possible, in accordance with the latest schedules, without compromising quality standards.
  • The construction work is perfomed in conformity with the design requirents and specifications.
  • The project budget is prepared and updated on regular basis

Our Services

Joint Ventures

We facilitate and structure the formation of joint venture partnerships by land owners with leading property developers in the industry.

Our unique joint venture model ensures that the land owner benefits from a hassle-free development process without incurring any costs, in order to develop superb residential and commercial proprties.

We target land owners in prime areas in the region and beyond, where the land owners can get the maximum return on investment.

Real Estate Consultancy

Having been in the real estate industry for over 15 years, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on various factors and trends in the market. Thus we are able to conduct concise and informative market research to deliver feasibility reports, best usage analyis, project propasal and much more in order to advise on how best to invest in this lucrative industry

Design Phase

  • Contract administration
  • Preparation of cost benefit analysis
  • Document review
  • Monitor designs schedule
  • Design phase progress reports
  • Procurement srategy
  • Constructability plan
  • Project policies and procedures
  • Prequalificaation of contractors
  • Prepare Construction contracts for execution

Tender Phase

  • Tendering and contracting process
  • Pre-tender construction schedule
  • Contractor’s construction schedule
  • Pre-tender Conferences nd meetings
  • Opening nd evaluation of tender bids
  • Post-tender interview

Construction Phase

  • Project Inspection
  • Quality assuarance/Quality control
  • Nominated sub-contractor
  • Scheduling and Change orders
  • Documentation and Consultancy agreements
  • Risk identification, analysis and Management
  • Alternative dispute resolution service
  • Recovery Schedules
  • Review of Contractual claims
  • Equipment Maintenance nd training
  • Payment requests
  • Safety program and environmental Issues

Post-Construction Phase

  • Final Cost report
  • Spare parts and warranties
  • Final Permits
  • Final Payment
  • Contract close-out
  • Contractor callbacks
  • Closeout reports
  • Commission of the completed project

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